Here is some news from the Le Clocher: It's time to Reconnect!

- Prayer Walk

For several months we have been enjoying the rhythm of prayer walks.

We plan a route with 3 or 4 stops, we walk 2 by 2 and at the stops we change prayer partners.This activity encourages us because it encourages and pushes us to pray for each other and to see each other.

- Vision evening

Since in the last year our church rhythm has changed, we have recently come back

with vision nights where we put the original vision back in the forefront. How to be a christian every day and how to shine in daily life rhythms. We want to be a family of servants on a mission, not just an isolated christian community. The pandemic has isolated us more from our environment than usual, so we're putting the vision back into action.

- Egg Hunt

We had the privilege at Easter to organize 2 egg hunts in 2 different neighborhoods.

The objective was to reconnect with families in the neighborhood by offering a joyful activity and respecting the instructions of distance. Glory be to God, it was a success. We saw over 70 little smiles that day.

- Online teaching

Of course we continued the online teaching in the form of 15 to 20 min each. Now the capsules are finished and we use the Parks for sunday teaching.

- Full Teen Bicycle

Good weather = full teen outdoor activities. Indeed, the teens of the neighborhood were able to go on a bicycle trip. The objective was to reconnect with the teens and to have a mix between Christians and non believers. In addition, a church family hosted them in a park with a snack and the whole thing turned into a huge soccer game; teens, families, children and strangers. Being the light of the world in our neighborhoods, representing Jesus in our neighborhoods, be attentive to the Holy Spirit, that is the objective of these activities.

- Training and encouragement

Over the past 2 months, Véronique and I have been doing a lot of training to encourage Christians to shine in those around them. Whether for Mouvement Jeunesse, Église 21, Implantation Québec and Mission Québec, our desire is to be an influence for a transformed Quebec.

Prayer requests

- Overflowing agendas and fatigue

After 1 year of pandemic, schedule changes, etc. Emotional fatigue is felt. Please pray that I can recharge my batteries at our Father's feet. Reconnect with God after an emotional year!

- Reconnecting with the people of Le Clocher

We have a big challenge in reconnecting with the Christians of Le Clocher. After months of

digital encounter, the human relational aspect must be slowly rewoven. We

notice that social distancing has left its mark on hearts.

- Reconnecting with the schools

Pray also for this challenge of reconnecting with the area's elementary and high schools. with the administration, the teachers, the students. May God open the doors to this missionary field.

It is in this sense that we pray and put our efforts to reconnect with the local schools as delivered pizza for the students ;-)

Reconnecting with God, with Christians and with the community is quite an Adventure!

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