ONE in Jésus

Unity in a context of division

As our society, due to suffering, becomes divided on all subjects that it can find even spends a lot of energy discussing non-eternal subject matter, we at Le Clocher desire to create a strong unity despite differing opinions. How it is possible ?

"I therefore encourage you, I, the prisoner in the Lord, to conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the call which you have received. With all humility and meekness, with patience, support one another in love. Strive to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one hope by your vocation. one Lord, one faith, one baptism, 6 one God and Father of all, He is above all, works through all, and dwells in us all. Ephesians 4: 1-6

We have among us unvaccinated, vaccinated, Conservatives, liberals, separatists, immigrants of various origins, people for Bill 101, others with caveats, the possibilities of divisions are endless if we let's dwell on that. At the Le Clocher, we all want to be united around Christ: Ecclesia: Disciples of Jesus gathered in the name of our Lord Jesus.

At the Le Clocher we say: A Family of Servants in Mission.

It's not a simple task, for real, but you have to keep your eyes fixed on the goal, the finish, the reward. It is like the bride who at the end of the procession enters the Church. She has her eyes fixed on her future husband. No on the church pews which are made of wood rather than fabric ... she only has eyes for her husband. Such we want to be and we are working hard to reach this goal of having our eyes fixed on the Bridegroom: Jesus.

Speaking of marriage, we had the joy of attending 2 wonderful weddings recently, that of Véronique's sister and our adopted son Nathan ...

God loves the party doesn't? And certainly weddings ;-)

The first miracle of Jesus is in a marriage.

The miracle we are all waiting for is to be resurrected for our marriage to Him.

We have decided together that our priority for this fall will be to create unity among Du Clocher Christians and to train the leaders who will soon take care of launching new "Neighborhood Families". This is also why we have more gathering than usual to generate this synergy in the core of Christians that God has sent us.

Here you see Thibault at work when he directs us in a biblical reflection.

And when he leads us into the Lord's Supper.

It is a real joy to see leaders grow in character, knowledge and spiritual maturity.

Luke Heron is now with us ..... Ye!

Luke Heron recently moved to our house and is in this observation phase. He has the privilege of spending 2 days weeks with the Académie en Mouvement in Montreal and of spending the other days with us. This is great because the days they spend in Montreal, Benjamin, his coach, works at Polymos.

Here is a little video of Luke who works to soak up the DNA of the Le Clocher, considering that Le Clocher is the people who made it up..

The Franche have taken the big step of moving to get involved with Le Clocher.

The Franche family, Christian, Roxane and Olivier, have just moved to a beautiful house in the town of Terrasse-Vaudreuil. When their new neighbors ask them why they moved. They expect a response as for work, to approach their family, to live in the suburbs, etc ... Imagine the shock when Roxane and Christian answer that they have left everything to get involved in implantation Church ... We don't see that these days. So welcome to the Le Clocher and I also invite you to write to them to encourage them because following Jesus when he tells us "Follow me and I will make you sinners of men" is not easy. We are very happy that this beautiful family is joining us.

Jesus answered him, "Foxes have dens and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place where he can lay his head." He said to another, "Follow me." Luke 9: 58-59a

In this call that Véronique and I have to train the leaders of Quebec. Benjamin had the opportunity to teach a course at the Parole de Vie Quebec Bible School in Sherbrooke. Ironically the course is called "Disciple Maker" ;-)

With this objective of reconnecting with the neighborhood, we organize EVA evenings once a month. What is an EVA party? It is an activity where 15 to 30 year olds from the neighborhood are invited to experience the joy of playing together and hearing that the Gospel can answer everyday questions. As we saw together last October 1, the gospel can be applied when we experience anxiety. Here is a video which summarizes this evening of October 1st.

Life as a couple is difficult

Family life is strewn with pitfalls

Life is tough

But with Christ, led by the Spirit, God enables us to be joyful through a life of trial.


Vero and I are happy

The Desruisseaux family is happy

The Le Clocher rejoices in life

And we want to spread this joy to those who have lost it or who are still looking for it

For those who are wondering where we are with Project Jeju. On a goal of raising $ 20,000 for this trip to South Korea for September 2022. Maéva has now reached $ 4,300 to raise. Thank you Lord !

For those who don't know what Project Jeju is, I invite you to read an old newsletter:

Thank you for your support, your reading, your encouragement, your prayers and for us a matter of life and death. We are all embarked on this spiritual warfare together until his return. Here are some random photos of the Le Clocher location, good viewing!

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