Growing up in a limiting era !

“ But as we speak the truth in love, we will grow in every way to the Head, Christ. 16 It is from him that the whole body, well co-ordinated and solidly united thanks to the joints with which it is provided, derives its growth in function of the activity which suits each of its parts and builds itself up in love. " Ephesians 4 : 15-16

God surprised us during these 2 waves of pandemic: "Le Clocher" grew towards Christ and digitally. The implantation is hard, there is suffering. Confinement exhausts us emotionally but brings us back to basics. The adaptation is difficult, many questions are still unanswered, but as we fix our eyes on Christ and step back, we see that God is making our hearts, our characters grow.

Rejoice in hope and be patient in distress. Persevere in prayer. " Romans 12:12

Even more, we are proud even of our distresses, knowing that distress produces perseverance, 4 perseverance victory in trial, and victory in trial hope. 5 Now this hope does not deceive, because the love of God is poured out into our hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. " Romans 5 : 3-5

Persevere because our hope is in Christ Jesus ! Amen ! Happy reading !

Like every church , we tried different rhythms, we adapted to several regulations, which changed almost every month, which created a form of instability.

We started by multiplying our Neighborhood Families to allow everyone to continue to be together, share and live together, between brothers and sisters . But the government was quick to ban all meetings in homes.

Our large gatherings being in the premises of the town hall, were also canceled. The cinema that we were using to get together then closed its doors 1 month later. We therefore looked for a Church building that would allow us to meet, with a maximum of 25 peoples, and God provided: an English-speaking assembly (located in our city) was very motivated to rent us their locals .

This allowed us to come together again regularly, to encourage each other, to exhort each other, to pray, to sing, to take the supper and to carry out baptisms ... and this at a rate of 2 meetings per week, to remain balanced between taking care of the family, practice our gifts and be on mission where we live !

A Family of Servants in Mission : This is our identity in God.

We therefore thank Dorion Evangelical Church for renting us their premises during this pandemic.

We have seen God make us grow in the image of his Son through a series that we have done in the last few weeks: Women of the Old Testament. A series that showed us how the women of the Old Testament were representatives of Jesus Christ ! How God used them in their character, in their decisions to point to Jesus. This series has done us good and you can listen to it on our Youtube Channel :

It is thanks to partners who persevered in prayer and in their financial support that we were able to continue to give talks and to be able to put them online.

In fact, we were able to buy equipment to be able to record and broadcast our celebrations. So we were able to join our community but also offer our sermons to other assemblies. Thank you to our partners for fighting the test of time and staying faithful, this helps us enormously and makes all the difference. Together we are stronger !

During this period of confinement he had ups and downs. We rejoice that God continues to work and be on mission in our region, our God is not limited by our limitations 😉 .

This is how we were able to see 2 peoples who made the decision to publicly demonstrate their commitment to follow Jesus.

Edward : a young man who celebrated his 18th birthday on the same weekend as his baptism, from a Christian family (mine) made the decision to begin his adult life as declared Son of God through his baptism . Edward had this desire to declare that he was not following the faith of his parents but that he was personally making the decision to follow Jesus.

Kim : a 23-year-old girl, a beneficiary, who lived through the first wave of the pandemic by going to work with fear in her stomach. Anguish, fear led her to seek answers. This girl has fallen " by chance " on video "I am Second" that made sense to her and that met the needs of his soul. Following her videos she contacted us via social networks and she was followed only by phone and remotely. It is possible that a person can be accompanied and directed to Jesus during this time of confinement and Kim is proof of that.

Anecdote : We see God at work because in Kim's testimony, God used a Catholic sister who gave him a Bible, God used the videos of I am Second on the Internet, God used Véronique for his accompaniment and God used another congregation to encourage him ! God used several different " religions ", " denominations " to bring Kim to her.

Thus, it is not the one who plants nor the one who waters that counts, but God, who gives the growth. He who plants and he who waters are equal, and each will receive his own reward according to his own work.

For we are workers with God. You are the field of God, the construction of God. In accordance with the grace which God has given me, I laid the foundation as a wise builder, and another built on it. However, let everyone be careful how they build on it, for no one can lay a foundation other than the one that has been laid, namely Jesus Christ 1 Corinthians 3 : 7-11

And yes love still exists and the pandemic did not prevent us from having 2 marriages. What opportunities to celebrate again in 2020, 2 beings, children of God, who decide to make a commitment for life!

But neither will we hide, there is a time to rejoice and there is also a time to cry. We still see the effects of the fall around us : Dependence, egoism, heartbreak, violence, suffering, depression,… And that is why our eyes are turned to Jesus. For he alone has conquered sin and its consequences. Our hope is still in Christ and in Him alone, dead and risen to free us from it all.

It is with tears that I write these words… We had just married them, we had just baptized the bride, we had a date to baptize the groom, and it all blew up! Today this couple is no longer one and many injuries have been inflicted on both sides. It was not in vain that our Savior went to the cross. Our prayer is that no matter what happens to this couple, Jesus can come and free them from their addiction and their suffering! We need Jesus!

Our team has been imaginative in this truly different time. How can we love our work colleagues, our neighbors, our neighborhood? How to demonstrate and pour out our love on our neighbor?

This spring we made some mini po rtative gardens ; 1 tomato and basil plant, with a recipe for using them. We then distributed our gardens to the members of the Clocher and they themselves could give it to their neighbors or work colleagues. How many new relationships the Christians of the Bell Tower have had from this “A garden for all” activity

We repeated the experience during thanksgiving. This time it was in the form of distributing bouquets of flowers for the relations of each member of the Bell Tower. It was a simple and effective way to bless and love the people around us. A small card accompanied this bouquet stating: “We are truly grateful to God to know you”

Thanks to this, a member of the Bell Tower reconciled with his neighbor, amen! The love of God through his children changes everything!

For the Halloween party, we used to do “halts at the lights”, but given the situation this year was different. We distributed to the children of the Clocher bags of candies hanging from an illuminated helium balloon! Spreading joy, light and love is so much fun !

Here's a little follow-up on the Aaron and Hur project or should I say Thibault and Nathan; -)

Thibault and Marily Kennel Thibault now lives in Montreal North, to be near his school and that of Marily. Despite the distance, they both decided to continue their training with Le Clocher.

Thibault studies part time (master's degree in theology), works a quarter of the time at Walmart and the other quarter of the time, he is training as a future pastor with us. The more we work with him, the more we see in Thibault the gift of a shepherd. His strengths will certainly be teaching and counseling. This complements the team's gifts and mine well.

We pray to discern God's will for Thibault's future. We believe that in the years to come Thibault will be called to become a pastor in Quebec and we are extremely happy to invest for the Kingdom in our province.

The challenge: find the funding, necessary to hire Thibault part-time to complete his training as a future Pastor in Quebec!

We are thinking of launching a Franco-Can adian fundraising campaign

Hur, or should I say Nathan.

Nathan is unifier, full of energy. Recently engaged to Sarah, Nathan prepares to stand on his own two feet side by side with his sweetheart. Nathan is also studying part-time in his master's degree in theology and is hired part-time by Le Clocher for his practical training. Nathan moves fast and the more we walk with him the more we see Nathan as a team player and a versatile, generalist leader. What I mean by that is that Nathan will support a team that has multiple needs. That the assembly in Quebec does not need help in their elders quorum, a man who would support teaching, evangelism, discipleship, etc.? Nathan and Sarah will be very coveted, it is a couple who will make the difference and who will support a team already in place.

The Challenge: Nathan must be able to obtain his permanent residence in order to be able to work secularly and create relationships in the workplace and also to meet his needs in addition to continuing his partnership with those who support him as a missionary.

Word from Nathan: Say it

all. I like being able to study while being fully connected to the field. Le Clocher allows me to develop my skills . I aspire to be a good teacher, able to equip believers to understand him better to live in his light, and to show unbelievers how Jesus is the ultimate solution to their needs. … ---...

I dare to share with you a reflection on my couple.

Vero and I are in our mid-forties, the childrens have grown up, a lot has changed since our marriage 20 years ago. We need to make some renovations of our love, of our relationship so that we can be even more beautiful in 20 years 😉 . It's like a house that needs, after a certain time of investment, a change of paint, renovations, ...

Véronique and I are at this stage , we are working with God on a renovation of our love, because we have changed and because our love is important.

Pray that this renovation will be directed and leave the imprint of our Heavenly Father.

Certainly by prayer because everything begins with prayer! We ask you on our knees to pray for us, to persevere in prayer, it will make all the difference.

Here are our prayer requests.

Prayer request to 10: 02

- A person who will sing for our praise under the leadership of our new musical director and who will be an example of a transformed life.

- For a person who cares about children 0-12 years old. We need someone who would like to lead this ministry, for the harvest is great and there are few workers. Children are so important!

- For the training and future financial support of Thibault

- For a clear direction of the future ministry of Nathan

- For the move to Vaudreuil of C hristian & Roxanne, and their newborn Olivier, in 2021. May God smooth their way. Christian and Roxanne move to be trained by Le Clocher: How to be a Family of Servants in Mission more specifically.

- For the move to V audreuil-Dorion of Luke Heron in 2021, a missionary from the United States. To obtain his Clergy VISA.

- May the Spirit intervene with power among Christians in the Île-Perrôt region, in their hearts, in their conviction and especially in their unity.

- For conversions again and again, we are ready to receive them.

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