The 4 Axes of "Le Clocher"

In this newsletter we want to tell you who we are, what we do and what our calling is for the beautiful Vaudreuil-Soulange region and the province of Quebec.

Le Clocher (The Belltower):

The “Clocher”, a church plant that aims to reach those who are away from God, both isolated Christians or lost as non-believers.

Here are the 4 axes that define the project:

Axis 1 : Join the Gospel by those who are far from God

Our primary goal is to reach those who do not know Jesus, those who are far from God, as well as isolated Christians, who do not live their faith in a community. We want to be agents of reconciliation for His glory.

A church that grows from conversion and not from transfer of Christians.

A church that will shine where there is no (yet) light.

This is the Belltower, a church that brings people together and presents to them the good news of Jesus Christ who died and rose again.

For this, different means are put in place by Le Clocher:

Neighborhood events (Light stop, Lunar Folly, ...)

Through these events we connect with our environment, we enter into relationship with our neighborhood and God can through that send us the people they want!

Verse : I will not lose anyone from whom my Father sends me.

We are aware that it is the Father who sends us people, and often we realize that God has already been working in their lives for many years. God pursues them. We create a space in our schedule to meet new people to welcome them, as most of them do not intend to go to church because of their past wounds: any religion whatsoever has done damage to the lives of a large part of Quebecers.

This ministry is based on moments of prayer and fasting, not to try to organize this with our means , but to be dependent on God. That is why our prayer meetings exist: the Christians of this project meet regularly to come before God, in a form of collective intimacy, because we know that God sees his disciples and listens to those who serve.

Friday 5 @ 7

This is usually the first contact for the people of the neighborhood with the person of Jesus. Christians and non-Christians get together, spend an evening together, to discuss, have fun, and especially to talk about who God is, who Jesus is, through story telling. The goal is to create the desire to know more than God and His plan to save us is a first contact with É Gospel. One of the goals is to show love to all, and that everyone can see that Christians love each other !

John 13:35: By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.

These evenings allow us to notice if some are touched by God and purpose and then start a follow up with them. Concretely this is how organizes this evening: - meals together - game for everyone: children, parents, grand - parents'

- presentation of a story

- dessert and discussion

It's an evening where everyone can be themselves , because the setting is conducive.

Evening DOUZE18

The DOUZE18 evenings look a lot like our Friday 5 @ 7. The goal is the same, except that here only teenagers are concerned. In our context, all come from non- Christian families . Teenagers are the most numerous group that attend our events, God brings them to us in large numbers!

In addition, the city's secondary school hosts more than 3,000 students in this age group. We pray for the conversion of 1% of these teenagers, ie 30 teenagers in the coming months, years. These parties take different forms, sometimes "informal", because the primary goal is to connect with them, to create lasting relationships and trust.

Axis 2 : To train leaders in the likeness of Jesus

We want to train new leaders, followers can s to make disciples.

It is for this purpose that we spend a lot of time with the most "mature" Christians. In 2020 we will take a Friday night a month more just with them to do some coaching.

It is also in this context that we welcomed 2 young French leaders, it allows us to live with them and it is what it takes to train and grow together.

All of this explains why The Belltower as a church only meets once a month as a more "traditional" gathering. Doing this every Sunday as a normal church would be impossible for us, but church gatherings s home they are more common. At that Benjamin and Veronica works nt half - time and Thibault and Nathan (2 young missionaries f English) study.

Another group of leaders in formation with us: the Franche family, whom we welcome 3 days a month, to equip and train them in the ministry we lead.

We want to train, not to mention that we need to be too. That's why Jean-François Moquin joined us, to support and support us in this project. Thanks to Patrice Nagant , Norton Lages , Mike Gockley and Jean-François Moquin for helping with this. This project is being carried out by a team around us : the ABEQ, Mission Québec and Église 21 are working with us to advance the Kingdom of God in Quebec.

Romans 10:15 And how will there be preachers, if they are not sent ? As it is written : beautiful are the are the feet of those who proclaim peace, who bring good news !

Axis 3 : Implementing Neighborhood Families

We are a family of servants on mission, but we want to implant new ones across the region.

In 2020, we will begin multiplying the Missionnal communities cells to continue to train our leaders in the field and to be able to shine in more neighborhoods. We believe that through families living in its light, Quebecers can be reached by E gospel.

Axis 4 : Develop a viable, simple and joyful mission community model

In Quebec, for the moment, there has never been a viable model of implantation from a mission cell that has survived sustainably. But we believe that God supports us in this , because he has convinced us that the Gospel in Quebec will go through a plurality of half-time workers and families committed to their neighborhood.

We want to propose a model of mission community that is happy, simple and easily multipliable, so that other families in turn take part.

Our wins (or rather that of God in which we attended)

God is good and the power of the E gospel is true today! We can testify to this , because we saw it acting in our neighborhood, the Gospel transforms, and we had the chance to witness conversions and baptisms.

Catherine's story:

Catherine is a young girl who grew up in the Evangelical Church since she was a child , but never believed in God. As soon as she was old enough to leave the Church, she left. Several years later, a boyfriend, a child, an apartment, a job was added in his life, bills, injuries, rejections ... why live on earth, it did not make sense for her. Through his mother, we nou s got together, we have created ed a relationship with them and one day they asked us if we wanted them married. The wedding classes were a great opportunity to introduce the gospel, because Jesus wants to marry for life with us. During the preparation for marriage to Catherine asked first to be baptized.

Our challenges :

This radiation pattern of the Gospel and our particular situation has nt some challenges

  • the training of new workers requires energy and time;

  • The Bell Tower is made up mostly of new believers (not used to give);

  • Culture that tends to repel everything related to God because of religion;

  • The enemy who knows where to aim to slow us down;

  • the finances

We have a financial challenge: We are missing for 2019: $ 10,000 to meet our expenses.

We train 2 workers who live with us (this represents a certain cost) and in turn they must also find their financial support for a part-time salary. Benjamin works part time and is also found er salary in the form of support for his other half with The Belfry.

Our house as seen e above is the place of all meetings and events as part of our ministry, and therefore it is used much, and demand for renovations that we can not do at the moment.

8 We are to live in this house, and 5 among us is the permit, for only 2 cars and jobs very busy schedules, as saying that the organization of the trips is a real puzzle: we seek a third car to make our travels easier.

It is humbling to tell you about our needs, but I have learned over time that God wants us first to be able to cry out to him and then to make our needs known so that He can act and be glorified ed through its people and its children.

An everyday mission

These are the ingredients that will bring a group or assembly to be on mission every day, according to Tim Keller :

1. Train members to become missional

2. Put people in touch with God

2.1 Evangelization

2.2 Adoration

3. Put people in touch with each other

3.1 Fraternal communion

3.2 Discipleship Formation

4. Meeting the needs of the city

5. Help Christians to relate to culture

5.1 In the professional environment

5.1.1 If God put you in this workplace precisely it is not by chance!

5.2 In their neighborhood

6. Establish District Churches

6.1 Proclaiming the truth

6.2 Serving the neighborhood

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